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Ileina Ferrier


     As one of 25 Master Trainers for the Tai Chi for Health Institute, Ileina’s tai chi involvement has become a wonderful addition to her life- purpose goal of being of service to others.
Her personal vision is to share Dr. Lam’s programs to facilitate the creation of active, self sustaining Tai Chi for Health communities.(Read More)
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Located in Kapolei, Hawaii USA
Tel. 734.558.6283
email:  taichialoha@gmail.com

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New Instructors
TC Class Feb 2015

     Congratulations, to our new TCAFP Instructors! Hosted by The Plaza Moanalua and taught by Ileina Ferrier, Master Trainer, Tai Chi for Health Institute, Feb. 2015.





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Summary of Tai Chi in Hawaii

Keep balanced and healthy your whole life through Tai Chi!Tai Chi for Arthritis and Fall Prevention
Having an active lifestyle in Hawaii is the key to staying healthy, but what if you fall and injury yourself? You can be off your feet for a long time and it could really change your overall health. So Taizo and Trini from KHON 2 Living 808 TV took a look at a great program that you can take part in, which keeps you healthy and improves your balance, preventing falls in the future!

Stan Michaels and Ileina
Stan Michaels (left) and Ileina

A Summary of Tai Chi in Hawaii is an overview of how the State of Hawaii has promoted fall prevention awareness using Dr. Lam's protocol.
(Read More)
Stanley Michaels, a Injury Prevention Specialist, , for the State of Hawaii, Dept of Health Injury Prevention and Control Program.

American Society on Aging Conference, San Diego, Mar. 14, 2014
March 2014, American Society on Aging Conference held in San Diego

Moments Filled with Infinite Possibilities, Ileina Ferrier
Aloha All from Hawaii, Stan Michaels

State of Hawaii Tai Chi Classes – Evidenced-based/Certified Instructors

State of Hawaii Tai Chi Classes-Certified Instructors

certified instructors