Leeward Ohanaredtaichi

E Komo Mai     5th anniversary
All members of the YMCA are welcome.  The Sun Style Tai Chi form has been modified by
Dr. Paul Lam to accommodate Seniors and persons with Arthritis, however, persons of all
ages can benefit from the program.  Evidenced based, easy tai chi forms endorsed by
the Arthritis Foundation. The class focuses on slow, controlled movements, proper posture and
weight transfer, and breath work promotes "jing", serenity.

Leeward YMCA Tai Chi Class Schedule

iconTues. and Thurs., 7-8 am, Tai Chi with Glenn, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

iconTues. and Thurs., 9-10:30 am, Tai Chi with Ileina, Beginner, Intermediate and
      Advanced Sun Style 41 movements, Fan and Sword

iconWeds. 9-10 am, Tai Chi with Ileina, (special) Sun Style 73 Form

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rather than what we do for ourselves.



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Our Team

The Certified TCA Instructors are:
Alvin Loo
Corinne Ono
Ellina Hagler
Glenn Sakai
Kelvin Lau
Laraine Narimatsu
Lynn Sialana
Rebel Rebellizsa
Rhoda Hirokawa
Richard Draper
Ron Ishimaru
Susan Higa

The Certified TCA Leaders are:
Grace Yamauchi
Tai Chi Fan Leader:  Alvin Loo

Instructor Schedule

  Apr, Apr-May, May-June

Instructor Responsibilities

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